Hot Cams Stage 2 CRF50 Camshaft

Hot Cams Stage 2 CRF50 Camshaft
Item# PU09250026

Product Description

For Model(s): 2004-2021 Honda CRF 50F 2000-2003 Honda XR 50

Description: Stage 2: single-cam motor. More top-end than Stage 1. Works well with larger displacements from 70 to 80cc plus. Uses stock valve springs and rockers.

Intake Intake lift (mm): 5.08 Intake lobe center (degrees): 101.5 Intake duration (degrees at 1mm): 222 Intake valve lash (mm): .08 Exhaust Exhaust lift (mm): 4.95 Exhaust lobe center (degrees): 102.5 Exhaust duration (degrees at 1mm): 216 Exhaust valve lash (mm): .10 Note: Divide mm values by 25.4 for inches.