Trail Bikes Race Head for 88cc 52mm Bore Kit CRF50

Trail Bikes Race Head for 88cc 52mm Bore Kit CRF50
Item# TBW0934
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Product Description

***NEW**Race head for 88cc (52mm) bore kits

- NEW Race Head Larger valves (now 25/22mm) and better flow for increased performance. Also has bigger cooling fins. Includes all necessary parts and comes assembled! - 52mm piston with rings, pin, & clips. - High performance race camshaft (for the Race Head only) - Head gasket kit. - Intake kit for the race head - will match the race had much much better than intakes intended for the stock head.

6/26/06 Our Race Head has been updated for even more performance! It now has 25/22mm valves with better porting/flow. We also kept the combustion chamber the same size and changed the angle of the valves slightly. This kit is for upgrading 88cc bore kits with a stock head to the Race head. You should have your existing cylinder honed (unless its new) prior to installing this kit.

We recommend purchasing a high volume oil pump kit (available in this section).

Installation Note: It will save a lot of time and effort if the oil pump is installed while installing the bore kit (requires cylinder removal).

NOTE: Trail bikes does not offer any installation instructions with there products.

Kit includes: TBW0365, TBW0206, TBW0300, TBW0273, TBW0385

***** OUT OF STOCK *****

Trail Bikes Race Head Kit with Camshaft for 88cc 52mm Bore Kit CRF50.