Trail Bikes Stroker Kit 1 88cc into 108cc CRF50

Trail Bikes Stroker Kit 1  88cc into 108cc CRF50
Item# TBW0966
TBW0319:  TBW0287:  TBW0334:  TBW0206: 

Product Description

NOTE: Trail bikes does not offer any installation instructions with there products.

***** For STOCK HONDA 50 cylinder skirt will have to be shaved down to 24mm overall length to clear crankshaft. ***** Will need stock Honda base & Head Gaskets from Honda Dealer! *****

Stroker Kit 1: TBW0319, TBW0287, TBW0334, TBW0206

This is an affordable kit that will convert your TB 88cc Race Head kit into a powerful open class 108cc engine (much more powerful than the common Chinese 107 and 125cc engines). Also, this crank was made specifically for the newer engines and thus, you will not have any fitment issues like trimming the piston skirts in order to clear the crank or the piston not lining up with the cylinder deck. The kit includes the following parts:

- 51mm Crankshaft with NTN bearings - Crankcase and clutch cover gaskets - Head gasket kit

This kit requires engine disassembly and therefore, we highly recommend a professional technician install this kit. If you plan on doing it yourself, you will need to have a Clymer or Honda shop manual. Instructions do not come with the kits but the installation of the crankshaft is just like installing a stock Honda crankshaft. You should also have the following parts:

- High volume oil pump - Oil Cooler - CR8HSA spark plug (not required, but recommended) - If you purchased one of our Manual Clutch Kits prior to 6/30/05, will recommend purchasing the Upgrade Disk Kit that we have available. Additionally, we do not recommend the use of an inner rotor kit with this clutch (on a 108cc or larger engine) as it can lead to premature clutch failure due to extra fatigue placed on the clutch housing. However, we offer an upgrade which allows use of inner rotor kits and larger displacement engines - Please see the Billet Housing upgrade we have available. Also, do not tighten the clutch nut with a hammer and screw driver - it must be torqued on!

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